Social Media Tool Delight: Canva

And like a beautiful blessing from the internet gods, we meet Canva — a free, simple design tool perfect for social media image creation (and anything else you might need). They have pre-sized layouts perfect for Facebook, blog, Tweet, web ad, a selection of background images (with additional stock to choose from for $1 a piece) and set text designs that make plugging in your copy easy as pie.

I used Canva to make this image to promote the last blog post on writing a perfect Tweet, with a supplied template and even social media image art, like that adorable little Tweet-y bird:

And whipped up these promotional Instagram/Facebook creative content for a client:

And the possibilities are endless:

While the site offers great stock photography, I recommend using your own as much as possible, which gives the templates a more original feel (you can drag a JPG or PNG on to the page to auto-download, then use). Move around the type, change dimensions, make it yours — and don't be afraid to spend time trying out several different templates to see what works best for the theme of your social media, blog post, or campaign.

And, just this month they announced Canva for Work (info here), which offers enhanced features perfect for small businesses like brand kits and templates, team collaboration access, folder sharing and more, though you *will* pay $10-$13 a month for it.

Now, go on, get creative. You're welcome. 👍